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Jumbla Academy 2020

14-week course

Master animation and motion design the studio way

Course level: Intermediate

 112 hrs total contact time


You already know your design principles and the last piece of the puzzle in completing your mastery of Adobe Creative Suite is After Effects.


In this course, you'll learn how to create high-quality design, character and text-based animations in After Effects with rigging, transitions, plugins, 3D and more.


The only Jumbla Academy course with masterclasses where you learn the techniques and processes used to create our award winning work in gaming, TVCs and illustrative animation.


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Immerse yourself in studio life

At Jumbla Academy, you’ll operate under tight deadlines, learn industry best practice, and get a feeling for what it’s like to work on real client briefs.

All the while, you’ll be immersed in the energy of our working studio and share communal lunch tables with leading animators and motion designers.

You’ll also learn insider tips from our guest lecturers, which cover:

  • Exactly what production and HR bosses look for when hiring, and how to meet their requirements.

  • Why a killer showreel is your ticket to landing a job interview, and the elements you must include.

  • The importance of developing a signature style and brand for yourself, and what that means in practice.

  • The fundamentals of sound design and composition for motion graphics.

  • And a whole lot more!

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Student testimonials

I became super busy after I made my showreel at Jumbla Academy. It's actually non-stop, and I'm working on interesting projects. I've been using 200% of the skills that I learnt at Jumbla Academy, so thank you!

Aya Hatano

Jumbla Academy Graduate

University is amazing but it is quite an insular environment, whereas with Jumbla you're in studio. You're in the same environment as people who are doing the job every single day.

Alexandra Nel

Jumbla Academy Graduate

Every Sunday I was like, "Awesome Monday coming up." Even though in most cases I didn't have my assignment ready, I was just psyched to get in to class! It's a creative atmosphere that inspires you to give it your best.

Paul Ziola

Jumbla Academy Graduate