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Motion Response

Pause Fest - Erupt

Client: Pause Fest
Animation Type: 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics

Our motion response for Pause Fest

Established in 2011 as a way of bringing Australia’s “disparate digital ecosystem” together, Pause Fest is now a must-attend event for creative individuals.

Each year, it invites studios and artists from around the world to create motion graphic idents to promote the festival.

With only 10 chosen to feature, we were immensely proud of our selection in 2015.

Jumbla Creative Director Callan Woolcock was also handpicked to speak at the event, rubbing shoulders with other thought leaders and industry experts.

For his talk, Cal described the creative process and techniques implemented for our Pause Fest ident called ‘Erupt’.


Ambitious and unusual concept

We saw the 2015 Pause Fest as an opportunity to conceive an ambitious concept and push creative boundaries.

We also wanted to create a piece that was unlike any other project, delving into new and previously unused techniques, such as mixing abstract cell animation with 3D.

Our interpretation of the theme “pure” was equally ambitious, applying it to drugs. 

We tried to illustrate the journey a substance takes while pulsating through the body - bursting through veins and overpowering organs.


3D assets with 2D colour animation

A team consisting of Callan, Frankie Lee, and Kane Rowlingson kicked things off by developing a mood board for inspiration and ideas.

This was followed by the creation of style frames and a storyboard, which featured a mix of white 3D assets with 2D colour animation.

With a plan of action in place, the team began creating 3D assets in Modo, as the project was sponsored by software developer Foundry.

The lungs, heart, and brain were modelled from scratch, receiving textured and highlighted animation for more character.

When all the assets were completed, Cal brought everything together in After Effects.

Soon after Pause Fest had wrapped up for another year, Foundry described Pause Fest as “one of the hottest events for VFX in Australia,” with Jumbla also receiving praise as “next gen talent.”

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