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Lost In Oz Wins Three Emmy Awards!

May 4, 2017

At Jumbla, we’re almost growing accustomed to winning awards… but we’ve got to admit that this one has us floored!

We’re extremely excited to announce that Lost in Oz has won no less than three Daytime Emmy Awards! We collaborated with Amazon and Axis Animation on the project, which tells the story of 12-year-old Dorothy Gale, who is transported from her Kansas home – her dog in tow – to a place called Emerald City.


Complementary collaboration

Lost in Oz represents our seventh joint project with our long-time collaborator, Axis Animation. Through every project we work together on, each studio's skills are complemented by the other's, resulting in a design-driven and multifaceted animation every time - and Lost in Oz is no different. We're hugely proud and excited to share this honour with them.

The Amazon special won awards in the Outstanding Children’s Animated Program, Outstanding Sound Mixing – Animation, and Outstanding Sound Editing – Animation categories. The special was also nominated in the Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special and Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program categories.


Big team for a big project

This is what Jumbla Creative Director Oz Smith had to say about the win (he’d only contribute to the blog if we promised not to make any Oz jokes):

"We had a lot of fun creating the graphic design assets for the world of Oz. There was no set style for the look of Oz – it was supposed to be as stylised as if you walked down a city street, with all its various fonts, street signs, posters and graffiti. We still had to capture the essence of the world – colourful, intriguing and befitting an Emmy-award winning kids’ show. We had a team of around eight designers who donned the Oz cap over the year we were working on the project.

"Having a wide range of skills within the studio meant we were able to allocate different briefs to different artists, depending on the requirements. Sometimes the jobs needed straight graphic design, 3D rendering expertise, 2D animation, lots of different illustration skills and styles, and sometimes even things to be designed messily (on purpose).

"We were really happy to be part of a global team, which won the highest prize for our collective hard work around the world."

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