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Animation and Motion Graphics for Games

We're proud to work with some upcoming entertainment industry start-ups, as well as established studios such as Riot Games and Microsoft Studios. We're experts at telling stories through design-driven 2D and 3D motion graphics.
In-Game Cinematics
In-game cinematics (aka ‘cutscenes’) can serve various purposes, but are mainly used as a narrative device - moving the plot forward, showcasing character development, or highlighting thematic details.
Character Reveals

Escapism is one of the big draws of video games, especially if players get to live out abstract scenarios as a mystical or transcendent character. So, whenever a new character enters the fray, it's kind of a big deal.

Client Login Splash Animations

Just like an in-game cinematic, login splash animations can act as a powerful device, showcasing a character’s qualities or providing extra context to gameplay. 

Online and Offline Promotional Content

Video game content can be transformed into effective marketing material for both online and offline use. After all, there’s no better way to promote your new game than using exquisitely drawn in-game artwork or adapting a stunning cinematic.


The only thing worse than having no video game trailer is having a bad video game trailer. If a trailer doesn’t do the gameplay or graphics justice, it could do more harm than good and fail to serve its primary purpose - exciting gamers about playing.

eSports Broadcast Design

Our clients come to us looking for logos, lower thirds, scorecards, ladders, background animations - all kinds of different graphic elements to create a coherent eSports broadcast design package.

Sound Design

Jumbla's in-house sound design and composition service delivers a level of audio creativity unmatched in the Australian animation and motion graphics industry.

The visually-rich cinematic sequences have played pivotal roles in setting the mood and style of those titles. In breaking away from the limitation of gameplay interfaces, they’ve given players a sense of the world they’re diving into: a different dimension of experience.

These highly technical projects required extensive use of Cinema 4D, including Octane Renderer and X-particles. Other sequences were produced using After Effects, combined with many cinema-standard plugins (including Plexus, Trapcode, Element 3D, and Optical Flares).

Our work on Grey Goo (produced in partnership with Axis Animation) - an example of our ability to tell vivid stories through motion graphics - has been the recipient of various awards. They include a “Best in Category: Motion Graphics” at the Horizon Interactive Awards, “Platinum Winner for Motion Graphics” at the Muse Awards and “Animation Video Winner” at the Australian Video Producers Association Awards.


Our interconnected studios in the UK and Australia collaborate with clients all over the world in the film, TV, gaming, video production, events, marketing and advertising industries.



The Summit Creative Awards 

The Summit International Awards 

The W3 Awards
x 7

The Muse Awards
x 12

The Communicator Awards
x 5

The Bass Awards
x 2

The AEAF Awards
x 6

The Vega Awardsx 7

The Daytime Emmy Awards
x 1

The Webby Awards
x 2

The Horizon Interactive Awards
x 6

The Australian Video Producers Association
x 5

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