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Jumbla Games Showreel

Video Game Trailers & In-Game Cinematics

Jumbla's 2D and 3D animation departments handle all aspects of pre-rendered/offline trailer and cinematic creation, including story, concept art, production, post-production and audio services. We are also proficient at using your game scenes and assets to create in-engine cinematics and cut-scenes. 


These visually-rich cinematic sequences have played pivotal roles in setting the mood and story of numerous popular titles such as PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor, Destiny 2 & League of Legends.


Since 2011 our interconnected studios have been producing award-winning creative content for indie and AAA game developers and publishers all around the world.


Driving Microtransactions & Player Acquisition

Our in-depth experience creating trailers for the highest grossing mobile games on the planet such as Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile has taught us a thing or two about crafting successful animations for your strategic objectives, whether that be engaging new players, or selling new weapons, systems, skins and maps. 

Bungie - Destiny 2 'Heroes Welcome'

Offline/Pre-Rendered Or In-Engine

Offline or in-engine, our 2D/3D animation teams provide concept-to-completion trailer and in-game cinematics or cutscenes for use as a narrative or sales device in-game, or promotional trailer. In your version control system, or ours, across all game engines.

Tencent Games - PUBG 'Koenigsegg Beyond Imagination'

2D, 2.5D or 3D Game Trailers

As a studio of gaming fanatics, Jumbla knows what a good video game trailer looks like. We also have the experience to match, having provided work for titles such as League of Legends, Forza Motorsport, Guild Wars 2, Grey Goo, Arena Valor, Honor of Kings, PUBG & Destiny 2.

We combine this with our knowledge of film production, animation, motion graphics, and design to create eye-popping trailers that make your audience pay attention.

Tencent Games - PUBG 'Livik Map Reveal'

Flexible Solutions - Your Assets or Ours

We can work with you to deliver the conceptual, creative and technical assistance for novel and attention-grabbing video game trailers using your stories, concepts and assets, or building them for you. Think of us as an extension of your team.

Tencent Games - Arena of Valor 'Harley Quinn'

Cutscenes / In-Game Cinematics

In-game cinematics (aka ‘cutscenes’) can serve various purposes, but are mainly used as a narrative device - moving the plot forward, showcasing character development, or highlighting thematic details.
At Jumbla we combine our experience and expertise of motion design, film production, and video games to create compelling cinematic cutscenes.
Our in-game cinematics use a combination of 2D, 2.5D and 3D with a focus on beautifully designed visuals.

Tencent Games - Arena Breakout 'Black Gate'

Design-Driven Approach with Stylised or Photo-Realisitic Characters

“We tend to produce design-based trailers, which often incorporate both motion graphics and 3D characters,” Jumbla’s Creative Director Callan Woolcock said.

One example comes from Emissary - a futuristic and intricate trailer that keeps the audience guessing about how the game’s narrative will play out.

“Emissary combines aspects of technology with abstract visuals for a sci-fi kind of vibe,” Callan said. “It also features cool transitions and interesting camera movements.

“It’s really well done and a great example of what we’re capable of as far as video game trailers are concerned.”

Our work for the NASCAR expansion of Forza 6 Motorsport is another prime example. By interspersing highly-detailed 3D vehicles with free-flowing cameras and quick transitions, gamers feel they have no choice than to purchase the downloadable content.

“There’s a lot graphic design elements in there, like when the cars and text appear against white space,” added Callan. “But it works perfectly and we’re really proud of this cinematic.”


The Summit Creative Awards 

The Summit International Awards 

The W3 Awards
x 7

The Muse Awards
x 12

The Communicator Awards
x 5

The Bass Awards
x 2

The AEAF Awards
x 6

The Vega Awardsx 7

The Daytime Emmy Awards
x 1

The Webby Awards
x 2

The Horizon Interactive Awards
x 6

The Australian Video Producers Association
x 5

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