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Ident Design


Animation Type: 3D, Motion Graphics

Our ident design for NODE Fest

NODE Fest is an annual celebration of the finest motion design and animation in Australian and New Zealand.

Every year, both students and professionals are invited to submit entries to its ident competition, which must be 10-15 seconds long, feature the NODE logo, and be based around a specific theme.

This year, the theme was simple - dots. As always, Jumbla’s staff jumped at the chance to be involved.

This entry comes courtesy of Dileepa Solangaarachchi, 3D artist extraordinaire!


Evolution of Node

“When I first thought of the word dots, I pictured stars,” said Dileepa. “This led me to think about space and The Big Bang.

“So I thought, why don’t I do an animation about the origin and evolution of the universe?”

Quite the expansive topic. However, Dileepa decided to stick to significant concepts and events such as the birth of the planets, DNA, multicellular organisms, and the human race.

“Node captures the human embryo in its web and incubates the idea before spreading back into the universe,” he said.

“There are a few times I went off the rails and explored other exciting ideas, which are evident in my sketches. I just wish I had more than 15 seconds to demonstrate them.”

Unfortunately, those are the rules, Dileepa!


Big ideas, simple execution

Dileepa approached the project just like any other at Jumbla. He figured out the concept, did some research, started to sketch a few designs, and created a roadmap for completion.

This clear plan of action meant Dileepa was able to condense some of the biggest scientific theories and discoveries into just 15 seconds of motion graphics.

But his efficiency didn’t end there. Dileepa created the whole animation in just one scene file, which meant minimal compositing.

Finally, a combination of Xparticles, Octane Renderer, and poseMorph tags made this non-stop visual journey through space and time a NODE Fest ident to remember.

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