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Our ident design for NODE Fest

NODE Fest is an annual celebration of the finest motion design and animation in Australian and New Zealand.

Every year, students and professionals are invited to submit entries to its ident competition, which must be 10-15 seconds long, feature the NODE logo, and be based around a specific theme.

This year, the theme was simple - dots. As always, Jumbla’s staff jumped at the chance to be involved.

Here’s what Jumbla Digital Designer and master of 3D modelling Jess Herrera conjured.


Inspiration can strike at any moment

Jess’s Private Life of Blobs entry explores the mating behaviour of the blob species and the cruel outcome of being “in heat.” The idea for such an abstract concept came from quite an ordinary source…

“The idea just popped into my mind while I was at work looking at emails,” said Jess. “Don’t ask me why.

“I drew the little blob character getting swamped by other blobs and asked myself, ‘I can do this in a month, right!?’”

To help determine whether it would be possible, Jess made a quick animatic test. Along with ensuring the end-result wouldn’t be too rushed, it also proved to Jess that she wouldn’t be too stressed either.

The fact that there’s a sequel in the making proves it was more enjoyable than taxing.

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