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Ident Design


Animation Type: 2D, Motion Graphics

Our ident design for NODE Fest

As part of its 2016 event, the motion graphics festival NODE Fest invited entries for 15-second logo idents. Jumbla Creative Director Callan Woolcock's entry, specifically opted for something more logo-based.

“I had a look at some of the other entries and saw that there was a lot of impressive work," Cal said. "Some of them were very thematic and told a bit of a story, but this also means they’re potentially a bit less flexible.

"As an alternative, we wanted to create something easily applicable in a practical setting – something highly functional and pivotally based around the Node Fest logo."

The work was created in After Effects, taking advantage of the 3D Stroke plugin. This was then traced-over in Photoshop.

“We drew over the brushstrokes frame-by-frame to create the edgier look on their outlines. We wanted it to look slightly rustic and handmade, as a contrast to the bright vivid colours,” Cal said.

The video is designed to play seamlessly on continuous loop, as a backdrop or event graphic.

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