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Brand Film

MetaPals - Brand Film Trailer

Client: MetaPals
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Working alongside the team at MetaPals it was Jumbla's delight and challenge to create a beautifully touching 2D animation exploring the relationship between a human and their pet. 

"MetaPals is a browser extension that allows you to grow desktop companions on your PC browser screen, thus creating digital life that fosters a genuine sense of virtual companionship. Born from a Masters’ thesis examining the emotional connection between people and digital life, MetaPals gives a peek into how we can live a life that is ‘half reality, half meta.’ Merging both allows a truly immersive experience, with MetaPals as your first point of entry into the metaverse."

- MetaPals Ethos from Website

Using traditional 2D tools, our animation takes the viewer on a journey as our protagonist learns about the new found joys of digital pet companionship. Our team also utilised old-school cell animation for the cat to showcase all the personality, posture and attitude of our protagonist's pet.

Alongside clever sound design and music, the film transitions beautifully between the bleak, mundane life before MetaPals and her warm, enlightened optimism after Ichibu. 








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