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Ident Design

AGDA - Creative Response

Client: AGDA
Animation Type: 2D, Motion Graphics

Our ident design for the Australian Graphic Design Association

We were invited to create a motion response for the Australian Graphic Design Association’s awards night. The theme was “the pinnacle of design” and the only requirement was that the piece be based around their logo form.

We had a think about the concept of a pinnacle - it’s the peak, the crescendo, the point of greatest success. Then we thought about what we, at Jumbla, try to achieve through our design. We endure the flood of ideas, hours of hard work and some pretty complex processes. We come through all the challenges with one key ambition - to grasp onto and materialise the initial simple thought. Simplicity became our interpretation of “the pinnacle of design”.

In a chronological narrative, the motion response we made depicts the complicated process that every designer faces. First, you have an idea, then you’re overwhelmed with concepts. You refine and refine - until it’s almost right - then just tweak it just a little, until it’s complete.

The final product - in this case, the AGDA logo - may be similar to what is seen in the early stages of the design process, but the viewer gets a comprehension for how much thought, confusion and dedication goes into achieving an effective, simple final product: the pinnacle.

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