Promotional Video

Deakin University - Ingenious

Client: Deakin University
Animation Type: 3D, Motion Graphics

Our promotional video for Deakin University

There are countless different definitions to the word engineering - and even more applications for it. Engineering is an ingenious enigma: it is the “disruptor” of industry, yet also its saviour.

This video was designed to help Deakin University engage new students for its engineering program. We wanted to create an aesthetic that would both appeal to those already interested in engineering, as well as catch the eye of the broader audience: including those who may have never even considered engineering as a career.

Our design work was engineering in action. The feel of this video was crucial in showing this tertiary program is in tune with the innate nature of engineering itself.

Using 3D-modelled “sculptures” that were then heavily graded, we painted futuristic landscapes based around different aspects of technology and design - topping it off with enticing words and poetic narration.

“Engineering is art. It’s design. It is beauty fused with scientific and mathematical precision. It’s innovation, joy, passion, hope and imagination.”

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