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Branded Web Content

Phoenix Tapware

Client: Phoenix Tapware
Animation Type: 3D, Animation

The soothing sounds of (animation) science

In a world of live-action shower advertisements, Phoenix Tapware is the outlier. After attempting to use live action for the campaign, they opted instead for animation for their branded content due to its ability to fully capture the benefits of their one-of-a-kind luxury showerheads.

Luckily, Jumbla had a secret weapon up its sleeve to tackle the notoriously difficult liquid animation required: the technical wizardry and confidence of creative director Oz Smith. 

“The unique selling point of Phoenix Tapware’s showerheads is their unique waterflow patterns, which are inspired by nature,” Oz said. 

“Creating realistic-looking liquid is always challenging, but we were sure we could get it where it needed to be. 

“We also had the advantage of being able to control how the spray looked by using motion graphics. This gave us more freedom and opportunity to really nail the concept.”

Delivering on a promise 

Jumbla’s team sank several hours into researching how to mimic the client’s  one-of-a-kind waterflow pattern, ensuring it tracked as closely as possible with the physical product’s performance.

“We used a Cinema 4D plugin (RealFlow), 3D and 2D particle generators to recreate the pattern,” Oz said.

“From there, we had the freedom to move the cameras around and accelerate or decelerate the spray in a way that would have been impossible - or prohibitively expensive - in live action.

“It also gave us more freedom to make the shots artistic and beautiful, like the client wanted; not just realistic.”





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