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Online Commercial

The University of Melbourne Open Day

Client: The University of Melbourne
Agency: McCann
Animation Type: 3D, Motion Graphics

Our event graphics for the University of Melbourne Open Day

We worked alongside a world-renowned creative agency, McCann, to bring something special to a world-renowned client: Australia’s first-ranked tertiary institution, The University of Melbourne.

Our brief was to create an animation to promote its Open Day - one that communicated the desire and opportunity to "create you own collision” at the event.

McCann’s Collision campaign champions the institution as a learning environment where “great minds collide”.


When two worlds collide

The result is a beautiful and evocative animation that communicates the energetic collaboration of the university students and the greatness born from their intellectual collisions.

The textured ribbons that sweep throughout the university represent students and open day attendees: they’re excitedly plotting their path through the campus. As the shot pans out from the buildings at the end of the video, we see that the ribbons have merged together to form the face of a student.

It’s a story of perspective being gained through collaboration and companionship. It’s the collision of possibility and potential.


True-to-life details

From the cloisters of the Law Quadrangle to the Baillieu Library, our designers diligently replicated some of the most recognisable sites at the University of Melbourne.

“A dedicated designer worked solely on recreating the campus in 3D,” said Jumbla's Creative Director Oz Smith.

“We blocked out all the buildings and then - once the camera moves were decided - we added more detail into them. We worked on getting a good flow between shots in the animatic stage of the project, and when we were all happy with the movement we replaced the scenery with higher resolution objects.”

"Everything was rendered using Octane so we were able to work in real-time with the lighting to achieve precisely what we were after - including a smooth-paced ribbon that had a nice aesthetic flow."

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