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Promotional Video


Client: Vocation
Animation Type: 3D, Animation

Creative Director
Callan Woolcock
Steph McLaren, Callan Woolcock
Steve Bradshaw
Sound Design
Callan Woolcock
3D Artists
Steph McLaren, Callan Woolcock

Our promotional video for Vocation

Philosophy and play dough are rarely combined - but we thought it would be a fitting marriage for this video, promoting adult learning.

After all, humans and play dough share certain traits: both can shaped and reshaped in positive ways.

By turning each letter into characters, we were able to depict the human traits of the recited philosophical phrases; and show the true power of learning, regardless of age.

These characters are only humanistic in behaviour. Visually, they retain their form as letters made of play dough, right down to the fine textural details.

'Knowledge is power' is the starting point for this piece, but importantly 'knowledge is not information'.

It’s more than what you might read in books: it is understanding, experience and figuring stuff out. It’s what makes people extraordinary.

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