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Branded Video Content

Jumbla can help you produce branded video content that addresses the two primary components of any successful B2B or B2C conversation - entertainment and messaging.


Our interconnected studios in the UK and Australia collaborate with clients all over the world in the film, TV, gaming, video production, events, marketing and advertising industries.


Benefits of branded video content

  • Capture attention by entertaining
  • Communicate brand messages to an engaged audience
  • Coney brand values and shape perception

Entertain and communicate key messages

In a world of diminishing attention spans and content saturation, branded video cuts through the noise by prioritising entertainment over self-promotion.

The approach requires that we set aside notions of speaking solely about our brand.

This doesn’t mean you need to be in the game of creating free video that entertains the masses for the sake of it.

Rather, it means there are ways to weave your messaging into entertaining video (see Chatbooks and Dollar Shave Club) that achieves the dual goal of both capturing attention and communicating something about your products or services. 

The truth about branded video content is that it needs strategy, story, and succession.

A shift in mindset

On the face of it, this can be a difficult concept to grasp. After all, products and services are our bread and butter. Why shouldn’t we focus on promoting their features and our expertise?

The thing we need to realise (and capitalise on) is no matter how much we love our own work, chances are the rest of the internet is a lot less enthusiastic.

By crafting entertaining or emotionally-arousing stories that interest your target market, you’ll naturally gain their attention.

This opens the door to weaving relevant business messages into your content.

Take Y3llow, a piece we produced for Rhinomed. Even non-cyclists can appreciate the power of the story as they view it without an overt brand presence - barring the logo at the end.

It’s a win-win situation - the audience is entertained, while Rhinomed associates its product with the core activity of its target market, and benefits from any positive associations that result.


Tell a good story

The emphasis with branded video content is on creating quality stories that interest your audience - ones that you can also associate with your brand.

We’re talking the kind of content they’d consume regardless of who produced it.

It’s a challenge, but one that can be tackled with creativity and precision via animation and motion graphics.

Branded Video Content FAQ


What is branded video content?

Branded video content refers to videos created with the primary goal of promoting and enhancing a specific brand. It goes beyond merely showcasing products or services and aims to communicate the brand's values, personality, and unique selling propositions. Branded video content is a powerful marketing tool that helps build brand awareness, engage audiences, and foster a deeper connection between the brand and its target audience.


How to brand video content?

To brand video content effectively, we consider the following steps:

  1. Defining Your Brand: Clearly outlining your brand's identity, values, and unique selling points.
  2. Understanding Your Audience: Tailoring your content to resonate with your target audience.
  3. Consistent Branding Elements: Ensuring consistency in visuals, tone, and messaging across all videos.
  4. Telling a Story: Crafting narratives that align with your brand and emotionally connect with viewers.
  5. Logo and Branding Assets: Incorporating your logo and other branding elements strategically.
  6. Quality Production: Providing the highest-quality production to reflect positively on your brand.


How to use video content to raise brand awareness?

To boost brand awareness through video content, we craft engaging and emotionally resonant content to foster a deeper connection with the audience. Brands can utilise active social media platforms, optimise content for search engines, and collaborate with influencers to expand their reach. The key is a holistic approach combining storytelling, targeted distribution, and audience engagement.


There’s usually a trade off in agency world between quality of creative, versus how easy the agency is to work with. Not so with Jumbla.


From quite a prescriptive brief, they listened, challenged, improved, led, followed, and ultimately ''magiced' up an outcome that we couldn’t be happier with.

Sam Moore

Head of Brand and Marketing


From our very first meeting with the Jumbla creative team, it was clear they understood what we were trying to do and just ‘got’ the brief. This continued through the script writing, storyboarding and animation process, making the collaboration completely seamless and stress-free. They met every deadline on schedule and worked tirelessly to deliver a professional, high-quality product.


We would wholeheartedly recommend Jumbla for any animation work and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in future.

Lisa O'Brien

Communications Manager

Fernwood Fitness

What an exceptional company to work with. From initial kickoff to final delivery, Jumbla absolutely exceeded our expectations.


We couldn’t be happier with the end product.

Ben Crowe

Senior Producer



The Summit Creative Awards 

The Summit International Awards 

The W3 Awards
x 7

The Muse Awards
x 12

The Communicator Awards
x 5

The Bass Awards
x 2

The AEAF Awards
x 6

The Vega Awardsx 7

The Daytime Emmy Awards
x 1

The Webby Awards
x 2

The Horizon Interactive Awards
x 6

The Australian Video Producers Association
x 5

Featured Branded Video Content Work

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Carben Brand Film
Cricket Australia Internal Communications
Deakin University - Ingenious Promotional Video

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