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Explainer Video

NSW Department of Education

Client: NSW Department of Education
Animation Type: 2D, 3D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Our explainer video for NSW Department of Education

There’s no reason a video for a governmental department needs to be bland or unentertaining.

We were delighted we could help the New South Wales Department of Education with a video that is engaging and visually appealing – in addition to being highly informative.

The video is geared towards teachers of all subjects and experience levels, while the topic is accreditation.


Getting teachers prepared

The Department wanted to promote its new web portal: a go-to place where teachers can access a wealth of accredited learning materials, to prepare them for 2018 – when accreditation becomes compulsory.

The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers is a set of standards that comes from the evidence base about what effective teaching looks like. The TSA website, then, has been designed to take what experts know works (the “standards”) and convert them into teaching practice (“action”) – connecting theory with the classroom.

The NSW Department of Education wanted teachers to recognise that accreditation doesn’t have to be boring or arduous. It’s something that ties into their motivation to become teachers in the first place: to positively influence the younger generation.

A convenient resource like the TSA website is a practical and efficient way to elevate each teacher’s impact on the community.


Fun yet functional animation

Animation was the perfect medium for this message because it enables teachers to sit back and take in a lot of information, without it feeling like a chore. It also enabled us at Jumbla to use fun visual imagery (such as the teacher flying around on a paper plane) and music, to set an inspiring and uplifting mood.

By opting for an animated video, the Department is able to push this message to a large number of people, with confidence those teachers can comfortably receive all the key messages… and feel positive about the TSA brand.

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