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Event Graphics


Client: NetComm
Animation Type: 3D, Animation

Creative Director
Callan Woolcock
Danielle Carter
3D Lead
Bruno Borio
Cornel Swoboda
Jordan Booker
Lead Animator
Bruno Borio
3D Artists
Bruno Borio, Jordan Booker, Cornel Swoboda, Laura Doddy
Sound Design
Sean Crowley
Design Director
Cal Woolcock
2D Artist
Laura Doddy
3D Artists
Bruno Borio, Jordan Booker, Cornel Swoboda, Laura Doddy

"The team at Jumbla are our go-to agency for animation and videos. Not only extremely easy to work with, highly skilled and professional, they seem to be able to draw what we need for a particular campaign out of our heads and deliver it in a uniquely creative fashion."

Frank Matus, Head of Marketing, Operations & Events

The modern product promo

NetComm’s reputation as a global tech leader is fast evolving as it pushes its capabilities as a provider of internet connection hardware.

This push relies on the power of emerging 5G mobile networking technology - and the ability of NetComm’s market to understand its potential benefits (and pitfalls).

NetComm enlisted Jumbla to provide an engaging event video that captured the attention of networking engineers so they could further explain their 5G wireless solutions.


Show, don’t tell...

The aim for this piece was to grab attention through visuals, while hinting at the product NetComm is offering without outright explaining it.

The main challenge with this animation was that it needed to work without audio. Being played on loop at a trade show event with no sound meant it needed to capture the attention of those passing by through visual impact and kinetic text.

We had to keep this one simple by showing the physical product that engineers would be familiar with to peak their interest, but also wanted it to have a bit of an edgier look. This piece perfectly balances the modern style product promo with those ever popular tech style graphics - a little bit for everyone!

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