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Online Commercial


Client: Enigma
Animation Type: 2D, Animation

“What a great bunch of people. Jumbla were a delight to work with. They were great communicators, worked beautifully with our creative team and made the entire project fun and enjoyable.”

Katie Hope, Head of Production

Pre-production time well spent

Enigma is a NSW-based creative experience agency. Its client, Medtronics, was about to launch an innovative pump for insulin dependent diabetics – brand name Prediction. They wanted an online video to show how the product could make a big difference to the lives of type 1 diabetics.

Enigma came to us with an approved script and a style reference integrating live action with 2D animation.


This was a classic case of investing time up-front to ensure a better outcome later. Jumbla created an animatic to demonstrate how the integrated graphics would work so the client knew what to expect (and we knew exactly what we wanted to achieve on shoot day).

Creative Director comments

“I’m glad we did the animatic,” Jumbla Creative Director Oz Smith said. “I actually put up a rough green screen at home and got my partner to jump around so I could work out the shots. The mechanics for some shots were pretty tricky.

“To make the ad work you really needed to know exactly what frame drops into each shot to make it flow seamlessly. When we compared the finished video with the animatic – they were very similar.”

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