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Online Commercial

Keri Juice

Client: Keri Juice
Agency: Landor
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics

"It was a pleasure to work with Jumbla - always dedicated, positive and collaborative. Even with a tight deadline, they found creative solutions to any challenges that arose, adding beautiful and imaginative builds, all done with great passion."

Darren Mulkerrin, Design Director

Our online commercial for Keri Juice

Being stranded on a desert island is one man’s heaven and another man’s hell. But what if you were surrounded by fruit and vegetables, where fresh juice was available every day?

This surreal scenario was created by Jumbla on a recent project for creative agency Landor and its client Keri Juice.

Imagining a ‘World of Keri Juice’

The brief wanted a 'World of Keri Juice', with the mountainous terrain taking inspiration from New Zealand - the brand’s birthplace.

However, the audience soon discovers it’s no ordinary island, with giant pieces of produce dominating the landscape and replacing the heads of inhabitants.

Although the locals find inventive ways to press the fruit and vegetables into juice, the fact they’re in greyscale draws your attention to the colourful and vibrant products.   

As the video progresses, each flavour has its own unique character, proving that no two Keri juices are the same.

Adding technical knowhow to artistic expression

Jumbla’s input for this animation was more technical than artistic, as the client already developed the product designs and storyboards.

“We had to create 3D objects and some simple illustrations, but essentially we were just taking care of the animation,” said Jumbla Creative Director Callan Woolcock.

One aspect of the project did require a little ingenuity though. The rider of the horse animation (purchased from Turbosquid due to the tight deadline) was modified to ensure consistency with the brand’s existing designs and identity.

“After that, the rest was pretty simple,” Cal said. “We followed the storyboard and made sure the animation was the best it could be within the timeline.”

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