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Internal Communications


Client: Riviana Food Service
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Creative Director
Callan Woolcock
2D Artists
Luke Saunders, Callan Woolcock
Sound Design
Luke Saunders
Luke Saunders
Luke Saunders, Callan Woolcock
Steve Bradshaw
Development Team
Luke Saunders, Callan Woolcock

Our internal communications for Riviana

Riviana Food Service was after a quirky and unique way to show off its new products, so we created the Riviana Food World!

We created some corn flake cargo, beach volleyball-playing dried fruit and boxing pears - to name just a few! Wouldn’t it be a wonderful place to live? Just steer clear of the sword-fighting noodle boxes.

This animation is not quite 2D, not quite 3D - it’s 2.5D. The subjects are “flat” paper cut outs set in a 3-dimensional landscape, which enables us to zoom over, around and in between them!

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