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Scottish Water

Client: Scottish Water
Agency: Flaunt Productions
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Our television commercial (TVC) for Scottish Water

For the 2.46 million households that Scottish Water supplies 1.34 billion litres of water to each day, cleanliness and quality are of the utmost importance.

This is a critical aspect of Scottish Water’s service offering, with treatment tests taking place every two minutes on average.

With this TVC, which Jumbla created alongside Axis Animation and Flaunt Productions, Scottish Water manages to reassure customers that they always receive the best possible standard of water.


Literal yet alluring animation

The video features a true-to-life scenario of Scottish Water attending a customer’s house. But thanks to the playful animation, it doesn’t feel as formal as live action would.

This also allows for a more engaging experience without detracting from the TVC’s key messaging. In fact, certain narrative devices reinforce Scottish Water’s commitment to the customer.

For example, the machine that displays the animation is symbolic of Scottish Water’s continuous and seamless service. Other aspects of the animation attempt to add greater value and depth for a more memorable viewing experience.

Note the mountainous landscape reminiscent of Scotland and the water supply running under the customer’s house.


Achieving a simple and streamlined process

One of the reasons why Axis Animation approached Jumbla is because they wanted a studio that could execute the different disciplines of hand-drawn animation, 3D, and technical composting, all under one roof.

We were also able to take a somewhat convoluted animation workflow, which involved more types of software than necessary, and streamline the entire process.

This meant we could deliver one commercial, of which there were three, every four weeks. Considering the time-consuming nature of frame-by-frame animation, this was an impressive achievement.

At the 2016 Muse Awards, it was a Platinum Winner in the Television Commercial category. It was also nominated as a TV Commercial Finalist at the 2016 AEAF Awards.

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