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OgilvyOne UAE - Lenovo

Client: Lenovo
Agency: OgilvyOne UAE
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Our pre-rolls for OgilvyOne UAE and Lenovo

This collaboration with Ogilvy sees the completion of five pre-roll advertisements for Lenovo, the global technology giant. We know, they don’t sound like they’d be the most entertaining thing in the world to watch – but that’s where you’re wrong. As always, our creatives went above and beyond, creating five humorous, brilliantly designed and engaging videos.

Ogilvy’s brief to us was to create a collection of pre-rolls that only IT managers and administrators will understand. But even if you’re not part of this target market, the videos are still fun to watch – a testament to our animators’ skills (and senses of humour!).

Our challenge was to animate something light and humorous, out of a stereotypically bland subject matter – IT.

"The process started when Ogilvy came to us with some rough, jokey scenarios that they had in mind for each video," said Jumbla's Lead 2D Animation Artist, Kane Rowlingson. "The target audience was IT professionals, and the gags in the videos were deliberately silly.

"We were loosely inspired by the work of Simon Landrein, as his work tends to always have a quirky sense of humour to it that we thought would work really well with the humour that was being conveyed in the scripts."

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