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Zoos Victoria

Posted by Jumbla Creative on Nov 1, 2014 12:00:00 AM

This is a piece that combines 2D, 3D and live-action, to tell the story of three Victorian Zoos and their contribution to the fight against animal extinction.

The advertising agency Grant Day James approached Jumbla with a script they had written for Zoos Victoria. We took the initial concept - to depict an animated book - and contributed a wealth of ideas. The agency jumped on board... and away we went. The final work included real children, animated pop-up books and an explosion of colour!

We didn’t want this world to look photo-realistic. One of the quirky hallmarks is that it creates 3-dimensional interactive animals out of 2-dimensional “origami” cutouts. It’s a child-friendly environment that encompasses elements of fantasy and intrigue, which is ultimately what a visit to the zoo is all about.

Production included a film shoot at our studio with the child actors. Every other visual element was essentially created from scratch, with illustrations of animals rigged onto 2D and 3D models.