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Game Teaser Trailer


Client: Valorant
Animation Type: Lookdev, 3D Character Animation, 2D FX

We love the look of Neon in this teaser trailer for Valorant. The 3D character and environment models have carefully hand painted textures to give it a flat 2D appearance. The animation was done by hand in order to achieve that stretchy, stylised animation look, while FX was done in 2D in keeping with the flat 2D aesthetic. Fast zooms on the camera movements add to the frenetic feeling of this scene. 

Welcome Neon to the Snow Station. In this fast-paced teaser trailer, we see Neon dodge a barrage of bullets before charging up and joining in the battle.  



valorant neon 5
valorant neon 4
valorant neon 3
valorant neon 7

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