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Character Reveal Cinematic

Tales of Arise 'Astra'

Client: Bandia Namco Entertainment
Animation Type: Story, Concept Art, Look Development, 3D Character, Cel Animation, 2D FX

Introducing Astra

"Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing direction."

This concept-to-completion project gave our team freedom to build the narrative themselves, as well as create the character and environment concept art, in addition to lighting and post production. Utilising an anime-inspired design aesthetic, this fun little character reveal combines stylised 3D character animation with 2D FX and cell animation. The explosive 2D FX emanating from our hero as she makes her way through an obstacle course nicely complements the 2D flat looking shading on Astra.

Astra_Master_V02 (0-00-17-02)
Astra_Master_V02 (0-00-12-06)
Astra_Master_V02 (0-00-14-12)
Astra_Master_V02 (0-00-12-10)
Astra_Master_V02 (0-00-09-04)
Astra_Master_V02 (0-00-14-05)

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