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Online Commercial

Surgeon Simulator

Client: Bossa Studios
Animation Type: 2D, Motion Graphics

Okay. This one is really weird.

Wikipedia lists 1243 games available for the Nintendo Switch console. Not all of them are Super Mario type games. Some of them are pretty left field. Joining the latter’s ranks is one of the weirdest (slash coolest) games we’ve ever laid eyes on.

Surgeon Simulator is, as the title suggests, a game where players are challenged to do a spot of brain surgery. Or a bit of open-heart surgery, for instance. If you think that’s going to get messy, you’re right.

Organs are catapulted around the room, bones are broken, and blood is splattered everywhere.

Now, add another layer of craziness. Our brief was to make the trailer for the game look like a parody of an 80s VCR tape, medical instruction, training video – done with tongue-firmly-planted-in-cheek British humour.

Our client, the game’s creators, Bossa Studios, even supplied a cheesy Pizza Hut “How to make a pizza”, 80s instruction video as a style guide, along with their own sound track that kinda defies description.

The team who worked on this job weren’t mentally damaged. They’ll be coming back to work soon. If their mothers let them. Thanks for asking.




Animation director comments

“The visuals were inspired by overused retro TV graphics,” Animation Director Vitor Cervi said.

“It goes a bit against the grain to design graphics that are cluttered, with clashing colours and using very basic animation to achieve the retro feel required for the job. We also played with the aspect ratio and VHS filter which made it feel all the more humorous.”



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