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e-Sports Commercial

Cyber Games - PUBG

Client: Cyber Games
Animation Type: 2D, Animation

The battle before the battle

Those in the know simply refer to the game as ‘PUBG’. For the uninitiated, it stands for ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ and it’s fast becoming one of the most popular games online.

It was one of the games featured in the 2018 ICBC (Asia) e-Sports & Music Festival Hong Kong.

Our job (similar to our Return of the Legends piece, another piece of promotional material we created for a League of Legends tournament at the festival) was to use the familiar graphics of the game to create awareness of the festival – a hype video.

The festival is big tourism business for Hong Kong, so there were many layers of client and government approval to go through, but we “battled on” and the final outcome is one we’re proud of.



Creative Director comments

“We were referred to the ICBC by another gaming client. They liked our work for the Zotac Cup Masters, so we became their choice for creating these hype videos for the Hong Kong event,” Executive Creative Director Callan Woolcock said. “They’re great creative fun for the team.”




Technical/style notes

As was the case for Return of the Legends, we weren’t able to use original assets from the PUBG game. We had to create a “playing to win” scenario from elements we designed ourselves.

The overall look and feel of the video was inspired by the gritty style of the game’s logo. Characters were created in Adobe Fuse and auto-rigged in Adobe Mixamo.

Models were then brought into After Effects using Element 3D, where it was finished by adding some punchy editing to give the video some extra action oomph.

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