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Game Trailer

Meerkat Mining

Client: Less Talk
Animation Type: 3D, Animation

A totally unsolicited testimonial from a very happy client. (Think we’ll frame it)

"Jumbla truly is a professional one stop shop, from storyboarding and ideas, modelling and animation, to sound design and voice over, the perfect mix of talent and creativity.  I would highly recommend Jumbla to anyone!" 

Nathan Robinson, Less Talk Managing Director



The project

Meerkat Mining is the name of the game. When the client, Nathan Robinson, flew in to brief the team, we thought it was definitely an opportunity to show off the talents of our 3D team and our love for details in sweeping scenes.

We got to work with a few software programs we don’t use every day to produce a 90-second piece of content marketing we’re all pretty proud of.






Tech Talk - how we did it

We used four programs in the development. As this was a promo for a game that had already been produced, we were supplied with existing models in Blender 3D for many of the characters that ended up in the spot.

While we don’t use this program very often, Richard, one of our team, was all over it.

Maya 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D and Element 3D in After Effects were used at various stages to add the detail.

The original characters were “retopologized” – had to get that word in here somewhere – for higher res and smoother meshes.




Creative Director comments

Executive Creative Director Callan Woolcock headed up the team of four animators who worked on the job.

“Once we got our heads around what the game was, then it was pretty smooth from there,” Cal said. “This was just a bit bigger scale than most of our day to day jobs.”

Client comments

"The creative process was very enjoyable with our suggestions taken on board. The final video has blown away all of our expectations.

The difference between a good video and our Jumbla video is in the attention to detail, quality of work, and 100s of creative ideas bundled into a 1:30 second package.

Not only was the final product unbelievable, but the entire process was made easy and enjoyable through one point of contact, Charlotte.  The project was delivered on time as per the target dates."

Nathan Robinson, Less Talk Managing Director

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