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Carben Creative

Posted by Jumbla Creative on Jul 1, 2014 12:00:00 AM

Carben Creative’s story is one of storytelling. Through 2D animation, we helped the content agency tell it... in a way that words alone cannot. We delved into Carben’s creative essence and the reason it ultimately exists: to connect people through narrative.

The theme of this particular story is atoms. Like stories, they are inherent to everything. One particular element, carbon, is the universal connector. Carben Creative, the video explains, was born with that essence in mind.

Rather than “resetting” the scene as disparate parts, we decided to link each scene together seamlessly, using transitions that melt the drawings together. It seemed fitting: our 2D figures and lines become the building block for everything - just like atoms.

This entire production took just under two weeks, yet we cut no corners - even crafting an in-house soundtrack to polish it off.