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SportChamps - App Demo

Client: SportChamps
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Our social content for SportChamps

Some of the most innovative products, services or programs being used today required a lot of explaining at first. Sure, they’re often simple, once the customers have given it a try – but sometimes it’s hard to convince someone of the benefits at first, in a quick commercial.

This piece we created for SportChamps is an example of a piece that finds a happy medium. It carries more information in a practical way, without dragging on.

Meanwhile, it’s quick and snappy enough to share and distribute in flexible ways, while knowing people won’t confuse the message.

SportChamps is a sports betting app with a difference. There’s a focus on its social aspect, so rather than betting against bookies, you’re up against other punters. There’s a lot of function to the app that needed explaining, making animation the perfect medium.

Our intention was to deliver something you couldn’t do in a live-action product demonstration or a screen capture of the app being used.

Instead, working with a sleek 3D model of a smartphone, we were able to overlay the screen content and pick and choose what to highlight in an undeniably clear manner.

The final product is an engaging video with lots of movement and visual effects, but one that also carries lots of information and gives the viewer a feel for the brand identity.

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