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Brand Film

Make More Notepad

Client: Make More
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics


Ever had dud service at a restaurant?

Wonder Woman has her magic bracelets. Captain America has his shield. Professionals in the hospitality industry should have their (cue fanfare) Make More Notepad!

When you add quality and style to an everyday product such as a notepad, you can imbue it with extraordinary traits. The Make More Notepad has that intangible extra that says the user is a professional. They take their job seriously. They get satisfaction from doing table service well.

That’s what our client wanted to communicate in a video for the launch of the first of their range of quality, interesting, stationery products designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Our solution for them was a video with a twist – the product explained by way of a “super” hospitality person who sees a dark world of inefficient service and uses the Make More Notepad to transform it into a more colourful, efficient, customer satisfied, world.

All in a day’s work at Jumbla.

A superhero story based on a notepad? Sure, we can do that.



Creative Director comments

Jumbla Executive Creative Director said the team worked to craft a detailed illustrative and animation style for the piece.

“We wanted the visuals to connect and flow, so clever transitions were an important part of telling this story,” Callan said.


Technical/style comments

The style used was fully illustrative - textured and designed in a way to utilise white-space well in a full-frame approach.

The animation style is quite intricate with high attention to detail in the way the characters move and interact. It begins in black and white and transitions into a more colourful and vibrant mood as the story progresses, to help emphasise the notepad and the “power” it possesses.



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