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Online Commercial


Client: CrownBet
Animation Type: 2D, Motion Graphics

Our online commercial for CrownBet

Explaining the features and benefits of a cash card is always a marketing challenge. When it comes to such products, people are generally quite set in their ways. It takes a lot for them to even listen to the message - let alone buy the message.

CrownBet opted to use an explainer video, as it’s able to capture attention, is swift enough to not get boring, can deliver chunks of valuable information in a clear and user-friendly manner, and it’s able to convey a light-hearted tone that’s congruent with the brand’s personality.

We executed this using 2D animation. The concept is simple: the voiceover explains the key benefits of the card, while the card itself is given its own personality as it’s ejected from an ATM and flies in and out of various scenes.

The card whisks around the air breezily - because that’s how swift and simple it is to use.

The video ends by showing viewers how easy it is to apply, even giving them a glimpse of the website - and where to click - for a bit of extra guidance.

Such an explainer video is able to build a simple yet compelling argument in favour of what might otherwise be considered a technical product - all the while, keeping the viewer engaged with its upbeat mood.

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