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Online Commercial


Client: SportChamps
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Our online commercial for SportChamps

There’s a time and a place for close-to-the-line humour. One of those places is when you’re teasing a mate on the SportChamps app. Another is when you’re creating an animation “teasing” the SportChamps app.

See what we did there?

SportChamps is a new, social way of betting, where you can wager money against other punters and not just the bookies. You put in real money, then bet using Champ Cash. The more you earn, the more you can cash in later...and the more your friends will vow vengeance!

With this animation, SportChamps wanted to promote the idea of seeing your mates’ bets and sledging them at every opportunity, especially when you’re ahead.


Putting an animated friendship to the test

This promotional teaser – showing two mates using the app and having their friendship tested – is part of a suite of videos we created for SportChamps. We also produced an explainer to show how the app and its interface works in detail.

In this particular video, we see two mates in very familiar locations - and a not-so-familiar shower scene. SportChamps wanted to take a cheeky approach to this imagined scenario, with obvious innuendos!

It could have been difficult to convey this in live action, but thanks to the power of animation and some carefully placed pixels, SportChamps’ below-the-belt humour was successfully captured.


2D character animation for the win

Each video we produced for SportChamps capitalised on the same style of 2D animation – designed in Photoshop and composited in After Effects - for greater consistency across every marketing message.  

Each video also adheres to the same style, comical tone, and colour palette to ultimately strengthen the SportChamps brand.

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