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Explainer Video

ASIC - Binary Options

Client: The Australian Securities and Investment Commission
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Creative Director
Callan Woolcock
Callan Woolcock, Elena Dunwoodie, Tracey Theseira, Jimmy Manton
Sound Design
Sean Crowley
Natalie Studdert
Development Team
Callan Woolcock
2D Artists
Callan Woolcock, Elena Dunwoodie, Tracey Theseira

“We don’t want a standard ASIC style corporate video. We want something that is quirky and a bit of fun.” - ASIC brief

“You could lose it all,” warns new ASIC video (in a fun way).

As if Australians didn’t have enough things to gamble on, along comes Binary Options. An all, or nothing at all, “investment” option that ASIC, sometimes known as Australia’s corporate watchdog, thought punters should made wary of. But not in a heavy handed, government issue, warning kind of way.

To get their message across, we went with horse racing, and came up with the story of a punter who continually loses.


Style/technique used

Artwork was created in illustrator and the entire piece animated in After Effects. We did all the animation first, then we textured all the assets in Photoshop. We applied additional lighting and glow effects to the artwork in Photoshop to differentiate it from other explainer style videos.



Creative Director comments

“We wanted to focus on fun gestures,” said Creative Director, Callan Woolcock. “The job presented some good challenges - we had to have a horse running; the commentator character is the most animated, along with his lip syncing. We had one animator dedicated to just these sections of the video, and two others working on the rest of the video.”

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