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AQWA - Turtle Tears

Client: The Aquarium of Western Australia
Agency: Lateral Aspect
Animation Type: 3D, Animation

Turtles Cry Too. Come Sea.

In Perth, WA, the big aquarium is called AQWA – ya gotta love the name. AQWA’s local advertising agency, Lateral Aspect, did an internet search and found Jumbla (us!). It was a match that’d make even the saltiest of turtles shed a tear of joy.

The agency’s brief was to promote the Aquarium of Western Australia via 4 x 15-second TVCs, each communicating a different animal fact. 

First cab off the rank was this cute piece about turtles and tears. As we came to learn, turtles use tears to balance their salt content. Not the most practical superpower, but cool nonetheless.

1%-ers boost production value

Jumbla took Lateral Aspect’s mocked-up storyboard and created the cute-as-pie turtle characters you see in the final cut.

The amount of movement was relatively minimal, but a closer look reveals many subtleties that drive the production level higher.

The rising water, in particular, created a number of visual challenges when the team was working to depict how each character changed after immersion.

The overall package was created to be humorous, but not too childlike, providing a balance between a stylised and realistic approach.

“We absolutely love it and we’re so happy with the end result,” Lateral Aspect Art Director Jasmin Bernhagen said.

“You guys have done such an amazing job. Looking forward to the next one.”  






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