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Cinema and Outdoor Advertising

Jumbla's animation and motion graphics service will provide your brand with a unique and attention-grabbing communications tool for your cinema and outdoor advertising.

Benefits of animated cinema and outdoor advertising

  • Provide greater context and depth than static imagery
  • Capture attention with movement and colour
  • Stand out with a novel approach

The power of animation in advertising

You no longer need to travel to New York City’s Times Square to be in the presence of giant video billboards.

On a smaller scale, dynamic outdoor advertisements and interactive screens - such as those inside many shopping centres - are rapidly on the rise.

In many cases, advertisements on these platforms play without sound, so the visual element is everything.

Generic or bland advertising simply won’t cut through the noise (pardon the pun!) in this environment. Animation is the perfect tool to deliver novel and precise visuals here.

Our approach

We can create a motion graphics sequence in 2D or 3D that’s on-brand and dynamic. Or, we'll develop animated characters who convey your message however you want: quirky, crazy, cute or cool.

Some of the other techniques we employ as needed include hand-drawn illustration, frame-by-frame (cel) animation, photomontage, live-action (and green screen plates), timelapse, stop-motion, photorealistic animation, matte painting, visual effects and CGI.

Agencies, production companies and corporate clients come to Jumbla because we live and breathe animation and motion graphics, with more than 30 full-time, passionate creatives in-house.

Flexible solutions

We can work with you to deliver the conceptual, creative and technical assistance to produce novel and attention-grabbing cinema and outdoor advertising.

The best policy is to ask how we can add value when talking with your producer - we'll always go the extra mile to help out!


Our interconnected studios in the UK and Australia collaborate with clients all over the world in the film, TV, gaming, video production, events, marketing and advertising industries.



There’s usually a trade off in agency world between quality of creative, versus how easy the agency is to work with. Not so with Jumbla.


From quite a prescriptive brief, they listened, challenged, improved, led, followed, and ultimately ''magiced' up an outcome that we couldn’t be happier with.

Sam Moore

Head of Brand and Marketing


From our very first meeting with the Jumbla creative team, it was clear they understood what we were trying to do and just ‘got’ the brief. This continued through the script writing, storyboarding and animation process, making the collaboration completely seamless and stress-free. They met every deadline on schedule and worked tirelessly to deliver a professional, high-quality product.


We would wholeheartedly recommend Jumbla for any animation work and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in future.

Lisa O'Brien

Communications Manager

Fernwood Fitness

We were thrilled with the outcome of our SOL-MIX animation. It’s a fun, punchy clip that really highlights the features of the collection.


Working with Jumbla was an absolute pleasure.

Matt Vescovo

Product Manager

Zenith Interiors


The Summit Creative Awards 

The Summit International Awards 

The W3 Awards
x 7

The Muse Awards
x 12

The Communicator Awards
x 5

The Bass Awards
x 2

The AEAF Awards
x 6

The Vega Awardsx 7

The Daytime Emmy Awards
x 1

The Webby Awards
x 2

The Horizon Interactive Awards
x 6

The Australian Video Producers Association
x 5

Featured Cinema and Outdoor Advertising Work

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