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Benefits of Explainer Videos For Complex Videos | Jumbla

May 29, 2018

Despite the utility of written content, sometimes language can only go so far. Even under the best of circumstances, there are only so many words in the English language, an issue that becomes particularly challenging when explaining new concepts, ideas, or instructions.

If you’ve ever read a user manual for a particularly complex piece of equipment or have attempted to single-handedly put together furniture from IKEA, you are well aware of the limitations on the human ability to present easily understandable instructions. Images can assist, but as anyone who has assembled Swedish tables and chairs can attest, following image-driven directions can be deceptively challenging.

For those who wish to truly make a mark on prospective customers, video content can shine the spotlight you’ve been seeking on your products and their functions. With a powerful explainer video at your fingertips, you can enhance your marketing, captivate your audience, and ensure continued interest in what you have to offer.

What an Explainer Video Can Offer

As the name implies, the purpose of explainer videos is to explain. What they explain is ultimately up to you, be it your company’s products, services, or overarching mission. This extends beyond traditional video advertisements, capturing customer interest in hopes of providing a valuable lesson.

Explainer videos can take numerous forms, varying based on content and subject matter to provide a truly effective platform for corporate communication. Take, for instance, Aquatec. While the products featured by this diaphragm pump and reverse osmosis water purification equipment company aren’t exactly enthralling on their own, their explainer videos add a depth rarely seen by such an industry. A viewer, despite existing knowledge and interest level, can find something captivating about the company, taking the time to truly learn how a reverse osmosis pump works and why it matters. Even though the subject matter is complex, the content is still interesting.

DST Bluedoor also incorporates truly compelling information into a video about a potentially overwhelming subject: financial services. Through the use of clever animations and clear, concise information, customers from any industry or education level can understand the message. Animation adds a youthful, creative element to any topic, engaging the childlike curiosity linked in our minds to cartoons and animated media. When incorporated with an intelligent and informative script, it’s easy to understand why customers love what this company has to offer.

Explainer videos may not come naturally to every company, especially for those used to the simplistic qualities of traditional content marketing, but when implemented properly, a great video can help you build a fan base and a perspective like never before. Don’t believe us? It’s true – explainer videos can lower support queries by 36% and can increase conversion rates by 20%. That’s pretty amazing!

Why Explainer Videos Shine

As the stats show, explainer videos work. But why?

Well, the logic is rather clear.

A great explainer video immediately grabs your attention, drawing you in instantly with the appeal of must-have information. Useful for both new, existing, and prospective customers, the right approach can generate reinvigorated interest, no matter the content. Unlike standard videos, which are implemented to market and little else, explainer videos provide intrinsic value to viewers, adding an extra layer of depth to the opportunities you have to offer. With the ability to enhance available options, captivate audiences through creativity, and increase successful use, your explainer video has a lot to give to your business.

Enhance Your Products

If you’ve ever made a purchase that you weren’t quite sure how to use properly, you understand the draw to explainer videos. Despite the ease of use of many products on the market, some more complex items, like Aquatec’s inventory, aren’t exactly simple to set up for a layperson.

An explainer video eliminates the hardships in equipment installation and use, mapping out the steps one by one for customers around the world. This provides an extremely basic usage tutorial while adding value to the customer experience. Whether you’re interested in the product or not, the addition of an explainer video enhances the information available, making it more likely that you will take a chance on a purchase.

Captivate Audiences

Audiences love video. It’s true – it out-performs other forms of marketing content, and increases clickthrough rates for content of all kinds. Explainer videos only add to these statistics, engaging an audience in a truly useful way.

Video is great for many things, but it doesn’t always add value to your products. Explainer videos do, however, presenting a necessary topic in a creative, intelligent way. The right video can make a big difference, keeping customers interested while simultaneously offering necessary information. Additionally, explainer videos can demonstrate your expertise in your market, increasing buyer confidence. A great video can elevate you in the marketplace, indicating knowledge and understanding that your competitors cannot.

Showcase Benefits

Purchase decisions happen in many different ways. Some customers take time to meticulously research product options. Others do a little bit of comparison shopping, but buy based on gut instinct. And others make purchases on nothing but a whim.

It’s nice to attract customers in the latter group, but without providing insight into the unique benefits your products and services can offer, it’s unlikely that these individuals will make full use of your offerings or shop with you again. Explainer videos can add clarity for all customers, boasting valuable information necessary to fully utilize what you’re selling. When customers sit down to watch a video that details usage and purpose, they’re more likely to make emotional connections that can build loyalty and, more importantly, future sales.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

When most customers can’t figure out how to use a product, they do one of two things: give up, or call a support line. Both of these options can be costly; one results in a customer unlikely to come back, while the other requires expending resources on problem solving.

An explainer video can be the simple solution to both of these issues. By creating easily comprehensible video user guides, your customers are far less likely to need assistance from your support team or help desk. Additionally, explainer videos can often solve basic functional and user errors, keeping previously flummoxed customers engaged and interested. Instead of risking a loss of future sales, you’ll be building loyalty that can keep customers coming back in the future.

Why You Need an Explainer Video

Do you sell products? Do you have services? Does your company exist to offer value to someone in one way or another? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need an explainer video. With the ability to provide depth and understanding to literally any function of your company, there’s no reason to shy away from such a valuable form of content. Offering a potential use in virtually every company and every industry, a high quality explainer video can add depth that no other form of content can rival.

What you need to explain and how you need to explain it will ultimately be up to you, but the right approach can provide immense value to your company. With a hands-on tutorial or an animated short that provides depth and branding potential to your business, you can engage customers while providing must-have information. Essentially, no matter how you choose to move forward, it’s a win-win.

Getting started in video marketing isn’t always easy, but the right resources can make your journey fast and effective. Whether you foresee a straightforward user guide or a creative, innovative approach to your corporate vision, an explainer video can be the missing piece of the puzzle prospective customers need to ultimately invest.

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