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Game Cinematic

PUBG x Koenigsegg

Client: Tencent
Animation Type: Motion Graphics, 2D, 3D, Design

Tencent asked Jumbla to work on a cross-promotional IP piece involving PUBG Battlegrounds Mobile and the maker of the world's fastest production car, Koenigsegg. To demonstrate the raw speed and power of the Gemera and Jesko, this 60 second game trailer features the cars whipping up sandstorms in the desert as they race into the the futuristic sci-fi city of PubG Mobile Battlegrounds.

This 3D CGI game cinematic cleverly utilises 2D FX over the top of 3D models and animation to evoke a feeling of speed. Jumbla was commissioned by Tencent for the full concept to completion CGI, including story and concept art, modelling, animation, design, 2D & 3D FX and lighting. The result is a thrilling combination of many fast-paced driving shots with low camera angles, close ups on engine parts, and massive engine roars (thanks Jumbla audio department!). 

AEAF Nominated | 2022


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