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Big Babol Filifolly

Client: Big Babol Filifolly (Indonesia)
Agency: McCann Indonesia
Animation Type: 3D, Animation

To help Big Babol Filifolly bubble gum stand out in the saturated Indonesian kids confectionary market, we developed a novel concept for its latest TVC. It was a straightforward choice to use the premise of ‘being cool’, but the relatable details in the animation are what set the concept apart.


New client, new culture

"We were really happy to win the brief as it was an opportunity to showcase our extensive capabilities in creating 3D characters in a full 3D environment,” Charlotte said.

"We're used to overcoming issues working with international clients, particularly as they relate to render times. We knew what was required when managing client expectations and making live changes."

See the Indonesian version below:



Lessons on being cool

The brief’s target demographic was children, which meant the creative needed a different approach to most other TVCs.

Luckily for us, Jumbla Creative Director Oz Smith knows a thing or two about being the cool kid...

“I used to skateboard when I was younger, so had a good idea of how to make the tricks and movements look realistic," he said. "This helped ensure the character looked convincing.”

Along with his obvious skating ability, the character's high white socks add further authenticity due to their aesthetic appeal in skateboarding circles.

The visually-striking colour palette was also a deliberate decision.

"The client wanted lots of Filifolly branding throughout," Oz said. "So, we created something like a pinball machine, which tied in well with the bright colours of the product packaging as well as the quick cameras and energetic character movements."

Oz enjoyed the skating gum so much that he took the whole project a step further by creating a cut of the ad, as above, that brings the focus to the character animation itself. This was achieved by paring back the background colours and smoothing out the transitions between scenes. An English voiceover was applied as the final touch.


Logical thinking

With the character speaking Indonesian rather than English, our creative team had yet another obstacle to overcome.

"In order to lip sync to Indonesian accurately, the client sent through videos of the voiceover," Charlotte said.

"We could then follow the movement of the mouth rather than just guessing.”

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