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Login Screen

League of Legends: Galio

Client: Riot Games
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Our login screen for League of Legends: Galio

We’re thrilled to continue providing our animation skills to the makers of the world’s most played online video game, League of Legends.

This sequence was created for the game’s load screen, to be seen by each of the 27 million people who play the game every day – so no pressure there!

For this one, we worked directly with the game’s makers, Riot Games, based in Los Angeles. Their dedicated staff have been busy reworking their colossus champion, Galio. This meant completely revamping the character’s look, abilities and play-style.

To put it frankly, it’s “kind of a big deal”!

Making a long-lasting impression

Our job was to make Galio move, to leave a powerful impression while players load the Rift (Summoner’s Rift – the name of the game’s primary map).

For millions of players around the world, this would be their first-ever glimpse of the new and improved champion, so we at Jumbla did everything we could to make that moment a memorable one.

Visually, we were tasked to tell a story. Initially, all audiences would see was dust and some smaller characters in the foreground. When the dust clears, the viewer is no doubt taken aback by the sheer size of this champion.

That’s entirely deliberate: Galio is majestic and brooding.

Sound and vision

The key to bringing the colossus to life was capturing his unique posture and presence, and setting this on a highly-atmospheric backdrop.

Galio’s grand reveal would then be completed by synchronising his animation to the dramatic original score.

Given the powerhouse strength of the Riot Games brand and the sheer number of people who will witness its work through the League of Legends game, any animation studio in the world would feel privileged to work with the gaming giant.

Riot’s continued association with Jumbla is testament to its satisfaction with our work on several recent jobs - some of which have gathered millions of views on Facebook and YouTube!

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