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In-Game Cinematics

Grey Goo

Client: Petroglyph Games
Agency: Axis Animation
Animation Type: 3D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Creative Director
Callan Woolcock
3D Artists
Callan Woolcock, Frankie Lee, Dileepa Solangaarachchi, Matthew Canham
Art Director
Tony Holmsten
Callan Woolcock, Frankie Lee
Steve Bradshaw
Sound Design
Callan Woolcock

Our in-game cinematic for Grey Goo

We collaborated with Axis Animation and Six Foot to create detailed and immersive visuals for the real-time strategy game Grey Goo.

We made four in-game cinematic sequences, totalling 6 minutes, to roll before players commence missions in the Emergence Campaign. We created the original concept art, storyboards, style frames and animation samples.

Our intention was to convey a sense of travelling or floating. We wanted to create a world that put the player in what feels like a digital river: a technologically-evolved liquid environment.

This was achieved with slow drawn-out movements, long camera shots and the replication of water physics.

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