Opening Sequence


Client: Odyssey Games
Animation Type: 3D, Motion Graphics

We created this slick in-game video game cinematic piece for Odyssey, to promote a new video game called Blackstone.

The client approached us with the desire to create something abstract, which allowed us to push the concept further and further - ultimately telling the story of Blackstone being born on a sci-fi planet from a bolt of onyx crystal, emerging to create high speed havoc across the alien landscape.

'The overall process was great,' says Oz, the creative director who worked on the project. 'We got a lot of freedom from the client, and they left us to make what we wanted, only giving us feedback to push it further every time. They were happy for us not to feature too much of the car, treating it as more of a reveal at the end, rather than showing it throughout. This creative freedom made it a really fun project to work on, and everyone was working overtime to get more shots into the spot.'

'The video's purpose was to get people excited about our new game concept,' says Richard, the product manager at Odyssey. 'The idea was to not give too much away - think of it as a teaser. We played this video at the start of our presentation to get people engaged and excited about our game.

'The project served its purpose really well. It visually impressed and roused lots of curiosity. Our audience could see that we’ve put a lot of work into our concept, which helped them become particularly engaged in our presentation that followed. It'll look fantastic in the game, and we're really excited for our players to see it.'


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