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eSports Trailer & Weapon Reveal

CrossFire Pro League 2023

Client: Tencent Games / Smilegate
Animation Type: 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Design

This eSports trailer for the CrossFire Pro League 2023 Championship depicts a 3D CGI character welding a new CrossFire weapon. The trailer intercuts between live action footage of last year's championship with motion design of the new weapons and logo. 

A key inclusion of this piece was to demonstrate that this year's tournament sees the introduction of player heart-rate monitors, and reveal two new weapons available for the tournament.

The overall theme was to demonstrate the spirit of competition while incorporating traditional Chinese design aesthetic. Helping in this goal was the collaboration on the new logo from the China Academy of Art. Note the inspiration of dark lines from legendary Chinese literature Gan Jiang and Mo Ye.   

Tencent_CFPL2023_13 (0-00-39-00)
Tencent_CFPL2023_13 (0-00-23-09)
Tencent_CFPL2023_13 (0-00-30-01)
Tencent_CFPL2023_13 (0-00-25-20)

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