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Opening Sequence

Have You Got That Right

Client: Have You Got That Right
Agency: Monash University
Animation Type: 2D, Motion Graphics

Our opening sequence for Have You Got That Right

This is a great example of how Jumbla’s inventive, original ideas can genuinely transform projects.

It’s the opening sequence for a web series about the law: in particular, human rights (hence the fabulous pun for its title). “Have You Got That Right” is a series of fun videos that explore a very complex and serious topic, but in a way that won’t put you to sleep.

The creator is the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law at Monash University, and the first episode was narrated by Australian actor Stephen Curry.

Jumbla's Lead 2D Animation Artist, Kane Rowlingson, steered the ship on this project. He said much of the inspiration was the anonymous England-based street artist: Banksy. “We had the idea of making the style reminiscent of Banksy’s stenciled work, particularly because this show is modern, edgy, and humorous just like the street artist himself. Both also have an element of ‘standing up for the people’, so they go together well.”

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