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Logo Animation

Film Victoria

Client: Film Victoria
Animation Type: 3D, Animation

“It screened on MIFF opening night at the Regent Theatre… it looked so great and even got a cheer from the audience!"

Leanne Westell, Communications and Content Adviser
Film Victoria

Impressing our peers

When you’re asked to create a logo animation for Film Victoria (knowing that it will be shown at film festivals and industry events around the world) you’d better bring your A game.

No pressure.

Our brief was to inject fresh energy into the existing logo and the brand.


Our concept was basically 'The creative journey'.

Using Cinema 4D, we start with a burst of light that represents the creative spark - this ignites the creation of floating prisms that appear to head toward the viewer. These prisms then align to form the logo, sitting in-front of a silhouette of Melbourne.

Once we got the base movement and timing down, we spent time developing the look and feel; adding and removing elements; finessing the skyline; and finally, compositing lighting effects and colour grading.

Creative Director comments

“As we put this film together, we began removing little bits and pieces that weren’t working. Film Victoria were all on board with this - we didn’t want to over-complicate it by showing too much, which could end up becoming too literal,” Jumbla Executive Creative Director Callan Woolcock said.

“Did you hear the magpies in the soundtrack?”

This at-home touch and accompanying sound effects were composed and developed by in-house Sound Designer Sean Crowley

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