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Opening Sequence


Client: BBC
Agency: Axis Animation
Animation Type: 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics

"The mood, tone and finish of Clique's titles are entirely at one with our intentions for the show. Jumbla grasped our ambition from the first conversation, and also worked with us on minute detail as we exchanged notes in the process - they also worked very fast! I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again."

Gabriel Silver, Series Producer

Our opening sequence for Clique

There’s a lot of allure and mystery in this piece. It’s hard to know whether it evokes fun and happiness… or something darker. While it’s bright and aesthetically vibrant, you can sense an underbelly of sensuality and intrigue. The scene has been set for those about to watch this TV show.

Clique is a 6-part series airing on BBC 3 in the UK. Jumbla was proud to provide the opening sequence - alongside Axis Animation - for this psychological thriller in its highly anticipated debut season.

Skins writer Jess Brittain penned the series. She told Digital Spy, "Clique is about the different ways ambition plays out in young women at university. It goes to some pretty dark places. But returns, always, to the key female friendships of our central characters".

The heavily abstract title sequence Jumbla made is full of colour and dreamy textures. Some of those watching might sense elements of glitter, powered make-up, celebrity, nightlife, sultriness and ultra-modern fashion.

“The overall effect was to create something appealing to a young female audience which was colourful and glamourous, but something that also alluded to the brooding and sinister themes of the show," said Jumbla Creative Director, Oz Smith.

AEAF Nominated | 2019

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