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Explainer Video

Orygen - eHeadspace

Client: Orygen
Animation Type: 2D, Animation, Motion Graphics

Our explainer video for Orygen

It’s always a privilege to use our creativity in a way that positively influences the community. This web and social media video for the youth mental health organisation, Orygen, capitalises not only on Jumbla’s animation talent but also on our scripting and visual storytelling abilities.

The client came to us with their unique communication challenge and we supplied the script and storyboard. We say unique because it wasn’t as simple as needing to promote their new web portal, Generation, to young people.

We had to be highly sensitive in how we invited people to get involved. After all, many kids and teens suffering from mental health issues don’t even know they may be suffering from a health disorder. Others may suspect they do but shy away from communications that might reinforce the stigma they fear.


Inclusive of all demographics

We had to ensure we spoke to a viewer as that may be any gender, age or ethnic background – in any life situation, with any problem. We were determined to cater to this audience breadth without losing sight of the video’s objective. To help, we used a gender-neutral protagonist, with the narration delivered concurrently by a male voice and a female voice.

Central to this project was communicating with unintimidating tone. Using words like “depression” or “anxiety” may be alienating to some, or difficult for them to relate to. Instead, we opened by vaguely depicting challenging scenarios that are familiar to many.


Style to match the story

For these parts of the video, isolation is represented through dreary greyscale scenes. In one instance, we see a black web envelop the protagonist, who is trying, in vain, to reach out to break the bubble. However, the scenes don't remain grey for long. As the narrative progresses and the viewer hears the features and benefits of Generation, colour floods the screen.

We wanted the video to be uplifting – to show youth that if they’re experiencing hard times, there are resources to help them realise they’re not alone. The finished product is a proud example of a major communication challenge Jumbla helped solve through productive consultation with the client, combined with lots of creative energy!

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