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Game Trailer

Arena Breakout - Global Launch Trailer

Client: Tencent Games / MoreFun Studios
Animation Type: 3D Photo-realistic Characters

As part of Jumbla's longstanding relationship with Tencent Games and MoreFun Studios, we were asked to produce this thrilling trailer for Arena Breakout's global launch. Arena Breakout is a next generation, immersive, tactical  first-person shooter mobile game. This action packed sequence features photo-realistic CGI soldiers defending Kamona against the enemy. 

Bring your own equipment, battle against enemies, search for supplies and extract everything. Or die trying. Unlike similar titles in this genre, the objective of Arena Breakout is to extract your loot safely, not to kill and be the last one standing. 

Using a mixture of mo-cap and key frame animation, we were able to replicate life-like movement of the soldiers on high poly models. Throw in some ultra-realistic explosion FX and over-the-top gun fire sound effects, and the result is an adrenaline packed trailer guaranteed to keep Arena Breakout fans on the edge of their seat. 

Stills_Arena Breakout_Global Launch_(0-00-03-09)
Stills_Arena Breakout_Black Gate_(0-00-53-22)
Stills_Arena Breakout_Global Launch_(0-01-16-24)
Stills_Arena Breakout_Global Launch_(0-00-17-03)
Stills_Arena Breakout_Global Launch_(0-01-10-29)

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