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Event Graphics

RMIT Business Plan Awards 2012

Client: RMIT
Agency: The X-Gene
Animation Type: 3D, Motion Graphics

Our event graphics for RMIT - Business Plan Awards 2012

Sure why not? Let’s depict the past, present and future of technology in 60 seconds. Indeed, at Jumbla, we love being ambitious!

That’s the basic idea (if you can call it such) behind a clip we made alongside The X-Gene to open a major event: RMIT’s Business Plan Awards.

The silhouette of a boy will walk in the foreground. In the background a wheel will evolve into a bicycle, then a old car, a modern sports car and a train. The boy turns takes off from the foreground-ground, thanks to a rocket-fuelled jetpack!

The technological evolution continues, until we get a glimpse of a landscape projected far into the future. The camera flies overhead, panning out to reveal RMIT’s iconic logo.

The result is a piece that is paradoxically both highly aesthetic and emotive, while also being story-based. We think it captures the spirit of RMIT (being a highly modern and technological institution) as well as the spirit of the ceremony (which celebrates entrepreneurship and business innovation).

The mood was critical to this work. Jumbla Creative Director Callan Woolcock said we were supplied with a music track, but it didn’t quite fit the result we were aiming for.

“The music the client had in mind was good, but it was a bit corporate," he said. "We suggested something cinematic and found this track instead, which really struck the right chord. The client loved it, so we ran with it.”

Most of the 3D design was created on Maya, while the foreground of the character was done in 2D using After Effects.

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