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TV Commercial


Client: Traveloka
Agency: Seven Sunday Films
Animation Type: 2D, Animation

Creative Director
Callan Woolcock
Callan Woolcock
2D Artists
Jeric Ilagan, James Manton, Callan Woolcock
Jeric Ilagan, James Manton
Danielle Carter
Sound Design
Seven Sundays FIlms

“The client wanted something illustrative but had a tight timeline, so we found a solution by creating super-detailed assets with minimal animation.”

Jeric Ilagan, Jumbla Creative Manager

Creative solutions nail tight deadline 

Thanks to the wonders of international Google search, Indonesian-based production house Seven Sunday Films tapped Jumbla to bring this blended animation / live action TVC to reality.

The client - Indonesian airline and hotel booking company Traveloka - needed two ads to promote key features of their app. These were based on real-life scenarios and involved the development of two completely different styles (the first - Martha’s Story - is shown above).

“It was a pretty challenging project, particularly around getting the style right,” creative manager Jeric Ilagan said.

“The client wanted something illustrative but had a tight timeline, so we found a solution by creating super-detailed assets with minimal animation - mainly puppet animation.”

Jeric said a secondary challenge was perfecting the mood and narrative.

“We did this through the use of colour. The ones we used were very cool and dark at the beginning when we introduced the problem, before turning warm and saturated when we revealed the Traveloka app.

“Assets were created in Photoshop to achieve the textured and painted look, then animated in After Effects.”

Jeric said the transition between animation and live action required extra attention to achieve  the required result.

“This took a bit of thought on our end,” he said. “What we did was trace over the first frame of live action and lined it up with the animated segment to create a seamless transition between the styles.” 

Check out the transition at the 49 second mark in the video.


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